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GohanRage23's Place Build a Pizza Place (BloxySoda486) aricely's Place
Build a Pizza Place is a game built by BloxySoda486 with Freemodels and his own builds. This game has been looking for Scripters and Advertisers since it was suggested by one of his hacker friends. The music in this game was brought by Dued1 (Which the owner is giving huge credit to)


The objective of the game, is to build a master pizza parlor with the building tools and objects.


The only freemodels used in this game, was a building tool kit, Work at a Pizza Place Pizza models, and a regen button.

Building ToolsEdit

  1. Delete Tool
  2. Copy Tool
  3. Resize Tool
  4. Game Tool
  5. Paint Tool
  6. Transparency Tool
  7. C-Framing (Rotate) Tool
GohanRage23's Place Build a Pizza Place (BloxySoda486) aricely's Place

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