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Find the Domos is an All game created by Planet3arth on March 28, 2011. Players have to find all 136 domos hidden around the maps. The newest domo is the duck domo, added on January 22, 2014.


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Below shows all of the domos and their locations.


The Classic Domo is the first domo players collect. They immediately earn it upon arrival.

Shoop da WhoopEdit

The Shoop da Whoop Domo can be located on the snowy biome. They can earn it when they land on the Shoop da Whoop's head.

Target Domo

Go to the winter biome and go near the edge, and there will be a blue platform, walk on it and youll be flung to the target domo. It will take a few tries, just keep trying! Credit = ChronoCat132

Teamwork Domo

When you spawn, behind you there will be a wooden platform. You will need 3 to 2 players to do this. climb on each other and you'll be able toget the teamwork domo. Credit = ChronoCat132

The Final Domo

The final domo is the last domo you can get. He is only able to be gotten by getting every other domo. Just go into the V.I.P door and go to the left. And he will be there. Credit = ChronoCat132

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EBL Specials-HOUSE OF HOOPS (fallen55D) Find the Domos (Planet3arth) Noble01Carter's Place

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