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Find the Domos is an All game created by Planet3arth on March 28, 2011. Players have to find all 147 domos hidden around the maps. The newest domo is the Fidget Domo, added in March 2017.


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Below shows all of the domos and their locations.


The Classic Domo is the first domo players collect. They immediately earn it upon arrival.

Shoop da WhoopEdit

The Shoop da Whoop Domo can be located on the V.I.P island. You can earn it by going through the V.I.P door at spawn ,looking to the right and going on the floating domo's head (The one with a blue laser). Credit for fixing (ROBLOX name) = leweyedwards2008

Target Domo Edit

Go to the winter biome and go near the edge, and there will be a blue platform, walk on it and youll be flung to the target domo. It will take a few tries, just keep trying! Credit = ChronoCat132

Teamwork Domo Edit

When you spawn, behind you there will be a wooden platform. You will need 3 to 2 players to do this. climb on each other and you'll be able toget the teamwork domo. Credit = ChronoCat132

The Final Domo Edit

The final domo is the last domo you can get. He is only able to be gotten by getting every other domo. Just go into the V.I.P door and go to the left. And he will be there. Credit = ChronoCat132

Blue Domo Edit

In the grasslands there is a hill and you can see bubbles on it. Go behind it and stick to the dirt and soon you will go though the dirt and you will see blue. Go to it and you get it. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Yellow Domo Edit

In the spawn area if you go straight and take a right, you will see a house. Go inside the house and go onto the bed and start jumping towards the light until you get Yellow Domo. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Top Hat Domo Edit

In the grasslands there will be a hill. Climb up the hill with the cours. It will be on the left where blue Domo is so just climb up that and you get it. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Red Domo Edit

In the lava spot, if you go to the right there is a volcano. Go inside the volcano and you will see red Domo. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Cookie Domo Edit

Right were Red Domo is, just sitck to the walls and soon you will fall though. By there will be cookie. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Pink Domo Edit

The pink domo is on top of the house at spawn. It is relatively easy to get, as you can walk along the walls of the spawn area and jump on top of the roof and claim your badge. Credit = jaredalberto

Space Domo Edit

Behind Top Hat domo, there is an invisible teleporter. It takes you up to space, where you can see Space Domo hanging around. Credit = jaredalberto

Alien Domo Edit

Once in space (or the moon), wait for a UFO to appear. When it charges its beam down, go into said beam and you will be inside the vehicle with Alien Domo. Credit = jaredalberto

Cow Domo Edit

Inside the house at spawn, click on the hamburger that is there. You will be taken to a field with Cow Domo near you. Credit = jaredalberto

Hay Domo Edit

In Cow Domo's area, climb out of the fence around you and search around the field. In another fence, Hay Domo is to the side of a bale of hay. Credit = jaredalberto

Devil Domo Edit

In the castle, click on one of the torches. You will then be taken to the place with Devil Domo. Be careful not to die there! Credit = jaredalberto

Demon Domo Edit

In devil's area, click on a rock. A wall on the side of where the teleporter back to the castle is will open, revealing a demon Domo inside. Rush to it before the wall closes. Credit = jaredalberto

Angel Domo Edit

There is a broken bridge in the spawn area. Investigate around the debris until you find a teleporter to heaven (the teleporter is on top of the bridge, not the ground) where you can find Angel Domo. Credit = jaredalberto

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