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EBL Specials-HOUSE OF HOOPS (fallen55D) Find the Domos (Planet3arth) Noble01Carter's Place

Find the Domos is an All game created by Planet3arth on March 28, 2011. Players have to find all 147 domos hidden around the maps. The newest domo is the Fidget Domo, added in March 2017.


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Below shows all of the domos and their locations.

Balloon domoEdit

The balloon domo spawns randomly around the map. Catch it in time and you get the badge!

Pink Domo Edit

The pink domo is on top of the house at spawn. It is relatively easy to get, as you can walk along the walls of the spawn area and jump on top of the roof and claim your badge. Credit = jaredalberto

Camo Domo Edit

The Camo Domo is hidden on the tree behind the Classic Domo. It is the side facing the grasslands. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Red Domo Edit

In the molten biome, if you go to the right there is a volcano. Go inside the volcano and you will see red Domo. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Orange Domo Edit

In the molten biome, there is an obby leading to the Orange Domo. Complete the obby to get the domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Purple Domo Edit

In the grasslands, there is a waterfall. On the side of the waterfall with the ocean, you can find Purple Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Green Domo Edit

In the snow biome, there is a penguin. He will tell you where the Green Domo is: on top of the tree he is pointing at. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Grey Domo Edit

On the walkway above the molten biome, the grey domo is on the side of the fence, next to the border between the molten and desert biome.

White Domo Edit

In the snow biome, near the ocean next to a hill is a snowman. Behind him is the White Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Black Domo Edit

In the molten biome, there is a small hill with a tree on it. Black Domo is on top of the hill. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Cloud Domo Edit

If you click on the left pillow in the house, you are teleported to the Cloud Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Top hat Domo Edit

In the grasslands there will be a hill with an obby. Climb up the hill. It will be on the right of where blue Domo is so just climb up that and you get it. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Yellow Domo Edit

In the spawn area if you go straight and take a right, you will see a house. Go inside the house and go onto the bed and start jumping towards the light until you get Yellow Domo. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Teamwork Domo Edit

When you spawn, behind you there will be a wooden platform. You will need 2 to 3 players to do this. climb on each other and you'll be able to get the teamwork domo or just use gravity coil, Credit = ChronoCat132

invisible Domo Edit

Under the bridge next to the molten biome and Teamwork Domo, Transparent Domo is on the left wall. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Ghost Domo Edit

There is a rock in both the desert biome and the molten biome. On the molten side, there is a hidden door next to the border, across from the void. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Rainbow Domo Edit

There is a rainbow in the grasslands, and Rainbow Domo is on the top. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Golden Domo Edit

At the castle, there is a pirate ship that docks at the port outside. Ride the pirate ship to an island, where you can open a treasure chest. Inside is Golden Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Mini Domo Edit

Mini Domo is beside the bridge next to the grasslands and Teamwork Domo, on a very small ledge. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Snow Domo Edit

There is a snowman next to the cave and the void. Behind it is the Snow Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Ninja Domo Edit

Under the bridge next to the house, there is a piece of the wall that is redder than the rest of the wall. Going through it leads to an obby to the Ninja Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Wooden Domo Edit

Wooden Domo is under the bridge across from the house. You can use a gravity coil to get it, or you can ask for help to get it. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Teal Domo Edit

Go to the waterfall in the prehistoric area. On the top of the waterfall on the right side he is laying in the water.

Sparkley Domo Edit

To get Sparkley Domo, you need to buy a pickaxe for 250 points. Go to the prehistoric area. Next to the blue dinosaur is a rock "bridge". Climb the bridge and go behind the rocks to find it. Use the pickaxe on the wall to the left of the entrance, and you will find an entrance to the secret mine. There is a sparkling minecart on one of the rail lines. Go through the door behind the minecart to get the Sparkley Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Grass Domo Edit

Behind Top hat Domo, there is a hill. The hill is hard to climb, but once you do, the Grass Domo will be behind the tree on top. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Ice Domo Edit

There is a hill next to Target Domo's ramp. Behind the hill, on the side of the map, is Ice Domo. Credit = QuickestJruskey

Water Domo Edit

In the grasslands, when you follow the water from the waterfall, Water Domo is beside a three-way fork.

Epic Domo Edit

At spawn, if you climb the stairs leading to the prehistoric biome, there is a hole in the corner. Go through the hole, and there you can find the Epic Domo.

Silver Domo Edit

To get Silver Domo, you need to buy a pickaxe for 250 points. Go to the prehistoric area. Next to the blue dinosaur is a rock "bridge". Climb the bridge and go behind the rocks to find it. Use the pickaxe on the wall to the left of the entrance, and you will find an entrance to the secret mine. There is a minecart on the rail line to the right. Inside of the minecart is Silver Domo.

Steel Domo Edit

Go inside the castle, turn right, and go to the guard guarding the door. Steel Domo is behind the guard, on his armor.

Question Domo Edit

In the VIP area is a platform with white walls on it. The walls open once you answer questions. Here are the answers:

1: 22

2: stegosaurus

3: question domo

credit to shadow_qwerty [ ROBLOX username]

Target Domo Edit

Go to the winter biome and go near the edge, and there will be a blue platform, walk on it and youll be flung to the target domo. It will take a few tries, just keep trying! Credit = ChronoCat132

The Final Domo Edit

The final domo is the last domo you can get. He is only able to be gotten by getting every other domo. Just go into the V.I.P door and go to the left. And he will be there. Credit = ChronoCat132

Cookie Domo Edit

Right were Red Domo is, just sitck to the walls and soon you will fall though. By there will be cookie. Credit = pro_gamer0309

Space Domo Edit

Behind Top Hat domo, there is an invisible teleporter. It takes you up to space, where you can see Space Domo hanging around. Credit = jaredalberto (there is no teleporter)

Alien Domo Edit

Once in space (or the moon), wait for a UFO to appear. When it charges its beam down, go into said beam and you will be inside the vehicle with Alien Domo. Credit = jaredalberto

Cow Domo Edit

Inside the house at spawn, click on the hamburger that is there. You will be taken to a field with Cow Domo near you. Credit = jaredalberto

Hay Domo Edit

In Cow Domo's area, climb out of the fence around you and search around the field. In another fence, Hay Domo is to the side of a bale of hay. Credit = jaredalberto

Devil Domo Edit

In the castle, click on one of the torches. You will then be taken to the place with Devil Domo. Be careful not to die there! Credit = jaredalberto

Demon Domo Edit

In devil's area, click on a rock. A wall on the side of where the teleporter back to the castle is will open, revealing a demon Domo inside. Rush to it before the wall closes. Credit = jaredalberto

Angel Domo Edit

There is a broken bridge in the spawn area. Jump up and down on the debris under the broken bridge until you teleport to Heaven. The Angel Domo is on top of one of the columns. You have to climb up an invisible ladder to get to it.

Doge Domo

Go to the area where troll domo's entrance is. On the left wall there should be a hole where Doge Domo is chillin' in.

Troll Domo

Go to the dinosaur area and next to the waterfall should be a path to him. Once you get to him you will teleport somewhere else. Once your in his lair, get trolled once. Then go behind him when he tells you to pick a side. Jump against the wall until you get through. (wasn't as hard now is it?)


Go to the VIP island and go to the back right corner of the island. There should be a triangle on the ground. Face out towards the water standing on the triangle and click with teleport or grappling hook. If you do not have those tools, you need 6 other people to help you.


Go on the top of the castle. on one of the sides you should see a jet pack domo flying around. jump a few times until you get it.


Go to the house in the spawn area. Look on the desk and click or touch the pencil sitting on the desk.


On the bottom ground area of the castle there should be an area with some boxes. The Domo is behind those boxes.


In front of the volcano in the lava area there is a stream of lava. Go in between the 2 stacks of rocks on either side of the stream and you will fall into an area with the Domo.

Shoop da Whoop Domo Edit

Note: Shoop da Whoop Domo does not need to be collected to get the Final Domo.

The Shoop da Whoop Domo can be located on the V.I.P island. You can earn it by going through the V.I.P door at spawn ,looking to the right and going on the floating domo's head (The one with a blue laser). Credit for fixing (ROBLOX name) = leweyedwards2008

Dark Matter Domo

When you head to the space area and go into the UFO there is a board with a bunch of numbers. The Code is the number on the clock in the house. Type the code in and the dark matter block will be unlocked. Click or press it and it will teleport you to the Dark Matter Domo's Area. Credit for telling = XJ_Ethan

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