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Fire Starter Edit

This is a list of the locations the fire will spawn at. The fire can be avoided on 3 maps.

  • Party Palace: The Popcorn Machine - this is located north-west near the water fountain. This machine can be pushed off the map which can lead to an easy win.
  • Coastal Quickstop: The two houses at the left. Both houses catches the fire instead of one.
  • Lucky Mart: The shopping counter near the entrance door.
  • Surf Central: The house door entrance, right.
  • Glass Office: Fourth floor, at left.
  • Trailer Park: The tree north of the water tower, south of the grey trailer.
  • Sunny Ranch: The light bulb at the Ranch.
  • Happy Home: Top left corner of the house.
  • Heights School: The bin at the second floor.
  • Sky Tower: Ground floor, right side.
  • Raving Raceway: Yellow Kart. Can be able to be glitched off the island which can also lead to an easy win. However, if you are on the glitching kart, you need to get off quickly, or you will be instantly killed by it.
  • Fort Indestructable: The 2nd tank at the right of the base. Can be driven off the island which can also lead to an easy win. However if you are driving the tank off the island, you will need a green balloon.
  • Arch Park: The bins near the fountain.
  • Rakesh Refinery: The boiler nearest to the big chimney tower.
  • Furious Station: The microwave inside the store. (Used to be the bin near the benches)

Double Disaster (replaced) Edit

A Double Disaster can occur in a few rounds each, which the round contains two disasters instead of one. Some impossible combinations like Tornado and Tsunami can kill an entire server.

This feature was removed in July 2016 which was replaced by the Weather Machine.

Disaster Warning Edit

Disaster Warning is added in July 2016 along with the Weather Machine. However, some people didn't like that feature due to making it easier to survive. The feature was already added in the Xbox One version of the game before being added to the PC version in July 2016.

A list of Disaster Warnings can be shown below:

  • Flash Flood! Seek high and stable ground
  • Volcanic Eruption! Get away from the volcano
  • Tsunami! Get to higher ground
  • Acid Rain! Stay indoors
  • Tornado! Stay clear of its path
  • Meteor Shower! Watch the skies and find shelter
  • Blizzard! Seek warmth and find shelter
  • Sandstorm! Dodge flying objects (used to say Find Shelter)
  • Earthquake! Get outside and stay away from tall structures
  • Thunder Storm! Don't stand in the open or high places
  • Fire! Keep distance from the fire

The Weather Machine Edit

A weather machine has been added in July 2016 replacing Double Disasters. Unlike Double Disasters, you can have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 disasters at once. For it to work, you will need 100 robux or someone with 100 robux to do it. You can be able to power it up more but it will cost another 100 robux. You can only up to 7 disasters. Badges can be awarded for surviving a multi-disaster which can be Power 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. A badge, named Mysterious Golden Gift, was awarded to players who survive a power 3 disaster, and even, giving the player a Mysterious Golden Gift, which opens a compass (more information explained on top section).

Glitches Edit

There are a few glitches present in the game.

  • Drive-able vehicle glitch: In maps where they have drive-able vehicles, sometimes they can glitch. If the player attempts to go on the vehicle wheels, they will get launched into the sky, instantly killed.
  • Stay on the map glitch: When you sit while the disaster ends, you will be still on the map. The glitch ends when you reset or the next round starts.
  • Only Earthquake disaster glitch: In the beginning of February 2017, a unknown glitch caused Earthquake to be the only disaster of the game. Powering up the Weather Ma
    Natural Disaster Survival Trailer00:31

    Natural Disaster Survival Trailer

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