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ROBLOX's Skate Park
Game information
Created by: ROBLOX
Created on: 2/8/2010
Total no. of visits (rounded) 200,000
Genre Town and City

ROBLOX's Skate Park is a Town and City game by ROBLOX which was created on February 8, 2010. It can hold up to 12 players per server.


This place was made by the admin ROBLOX, it is a Skate Park as the name suggests. The place has new skateboards for Robloxians to try out. Since it's creation on February 8th, the place has had almost 200,000 visits. The icon of the place has a decal with 'Telamon was here' written on it. The skate park is full of skateboard props, that work, such as ramps, grinds, and stairs too. There is a half pipe too. This place became very unpopular in March 2010 as Zeke And Luther's place was released by ROBLOX. It is right now closed. The [1] map is still around today. Became popular during the skating park era of roblox.

This game is now closed. Nobody can now join the game anymore so if you didn't see the text above then it is.

Link to GameEdit

Link to Game >>> [2]