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Roblox Point - Theme Park is a game created by starmarine614 on October 30, 2009. It costs 0 ROBUX to get into the game. Based on a theme park located in Ohio, players can ride on five different rides. On October 5, 2013, it became free for all.

Roblox Point is one of the most paid games where players ride on different rides and experience Cedar Point, a theme park located in Ohio. Players can regenerate a new coaster ride, however it takes 3 minutes between each regeneration.

Roblox Point has also been featured on the blog on August 6, 2013, where the staff of ROBLOX are starting to implement the paid access, here.


Roblox Point was made in 2009, where it was free. At first, it only reached approximately 2 visits a day. At the start of the declination of Roblox in 2010, Roblox Point it beame dymmb

Using the number of Robux starmarine614 had received, he started to make ads which eventually got this game to number 1 spot. At the debut of the paid game system, starmarine614 tacked on 25 robux to get in the game at first due to people breaking the rides.

After a couple of months, people still broke rules so starmarine614 added 225 more robux for the game. On September 2013, he reverted it back to 25 robux.


There are currently five rides available.


Chat VoiceEdit

The Chat Voice is a game pass. Once obtained, players can type in keywords and it will reply back with the corresponding keyword. It costs 50 ROBUX and is created by the Mad Studios.


There are currently 4 badges, three of which need to meet a user in a server.

IconNameDescriptionCreation date
MeetTheCreator!RobloxPointMeet The Creator!Yes you met me.. that means you have seen something epic now.August 6, 2013
EarlyAccessRobloxPointEarly AccessAll early access members will get this badge, hopefully all of you get this because it might do something special later on? :3August 1, 2013
MeetETPGRobloxPointMeet EricThePianoGuy!Meet Eric in game!August 6, 2013
Meet1Wolf1PersonRobloxPointMeet 1Wolf1Peron!You met wolf in game. I feel bad for you if you got this, that guy is a narb.August 6, 2013

Game PassesEdit

IconNameCost (ROBUX)
RunToolRPRun Tool25
ChatVoiceRPChat Voice50





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when you play you get 100 robux at the end of the game