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Sanatorium is a horror game created by Dapale on October 13, 2012. The game is based on the Slender game, Sanatorium. Players will have to find the 8 pages before heading back to the starting point to win the game. There are currently 18 badges, with the two Christmas badges being the newest one. There are also 5 game passes along to help. There is also a fan group called Dapale's Sanatorium Fans! which can be located here.

There are two modes, Single player and Multiplayer. Single player is known to be much harder because the player is alone, making them vulnerable. However, people who knows where the pages are can win in Single player.

Players can now pause in-game, spin the Upgrade Points Wheel, and a new menu for iOS members.

Staff MembersEdit

In the official blog, a list of staff members is seen.

DapaleGame Creator and Blog Administrator
cuteswimgirlTester and Sister
Sxerks2Tester and Blog AdministratorFormerly Sxerks
CosmoitTesterFormerly leo1998xd


Arrow Keys
Touch paperCollect a page
FTurn on/off the flashlight
⇧ ShiftRun

Halloween Add-onsEdit

QUse Speed Potion
EUse Teleport Potion
RUse Mystery Potion
Z/XAnswer quests

November 1 ChangesEdit

Left clickCollect paper
E/FTurn on/off flashlight
Space/QExpand Map if bought the Advantage Map game pass


In Sanatorium by Dapale, each player will get ranked on how many total pages they have collected. The following table shows the levels and the amount of pages which is needed in order to level up.

LevelPages needed


There are currently three different languages which users can change using the Options button. These are:

EnglishOctober 13, 2012


There are two modes, Single player, which is often abbreviated to SP or Sp, and Multiplayer.

Single PlayerEdit

Single player can be found under the Multiplayer button which will teleport the player to an empty building where no one else in the server can find the player. This is known as the better option once you know where all the pages are because no one can steal the pages.

Single player is much harder as the Slender man can only just try to find the player. This causes more pop-ups and screams can be heard more often then playing in Multiplayer.

The key is located on the ground next to the page, No escape.


Multiplayer can be found above the "Back" button and once clicked, the player gets teleported to the current server's Multiplayer game. Players can then work together either in a group of people or they can go solo while finding people.

Notes on the PagesEdit


Spoiler warning!
This section contains walkthroughs or other information which could spoil an ending.
Read at your own risk!
  • No escape
  • No one survives
  • Always watching
  • It came from the forest
  • Nowhere to run
    Nowhere to hide
  • Stares into your soul
  • Took my girl
    Now coming for me
  • Out of Sight
    Not out of mind


Spoiler warning!
This section contains walkthroughs or other information which could spoil an ending.
Read at your own risk!

Game PassesEdit

There are currently 5 game passes.

IconNameCost (ROBUX)
Flashlight AdvancedFlashlight Advantage25
Map AdvantageMap Advantage100
Walk Run AdvantageWalk/Run Advantage50
Better ClothingBetter Clothing Pass15
Better LuckBetter Luck Pass35


There are a total of four merchandises available in the game, Sanatorium.

Sanatorium ShirtSanatorium Shirt5
Map AdvantageMap Advantage100
Walk Run AdvantageWalk/Run Advantage50
Flashlight AdvancedFlashlight Advantage25


There are a total of 16 badges, with the Solo Survivor badge being the newest.

IconNameDescriptionCreation date
Sanatorium Play SanatoriumSanatorium - Play SanatoriumPlay Sanatorium to receive this badge!May 18, 2013
Sanatorium TakenSanatorium - Taken To achieve this badge, you must look at Slender and dieJuly 25, 2013
Sanatorium Mr. HalfSanatorium - Mr. Half To receive this badge, collect 4 pages in Sanatorium!May 18, 2013
Sanatorium SlownessSanatorium - SlownessPlay at least one game inside the Sanatorium for 10 minutes.May 24, 2013
Sanatorium CollecterSanatorium - CollecterTo achieve this badge, simply collect 25 Pages overall! [Find your overall pages in the stats section of the menu].May 24, 2013
Sanatorium EscapeSanatorium - EscapeCollect all 8 pages and escape the Sanatorium safelyMay 18, 2013
Sanatorium RusherSanatorium - RusherTo achieve this badge, sprint 500 times or more [Find your stats in the stats page in the main menu]July 5, 2013
Sanatorium The TalentedSanatorium - The TalentedTo achieve this badge, you must reach level 10 [Find your level in the level section of the main menu]July 7, 2013
Sanatorium Key MasterSanatorium - The Key MasterA key always opens a door, this can only be done in SingleplayerJune 9, 2013
Sanatorium Never EndingSanatorium - Never EndingTo achieve this badge, you must escape the Sanatorium 3 times [Find your escapes in the stats section of the main menu]July 7, 2013
ProPlayerSanatoriumBadgeSanatorium - Pro PlayerTo achieve this badge, you must reach level 15 [Find your level in the level section of the main menu]August 16, 2013
SanatoriumHalloweenBadge1Sanatorium - Halloween 2013Play the game during the Halloween event (Oct. 1-31 2013)October 1, 2013
SanatoriumHalloweenBadge2Sanatorium - Mummy's Friends Quest 2013Complete the Mummy's Friends quest during Sanatorium Halloween Edition! (Oct. 1-31 2013)October 1, 2013
SanatoriumHalloweenBadge3Sanatorium - Witch's Brew Quest 2013Complete the witch's brew quest during Sanatorium Halloween Edition! (Oct. 1-31 2013)October 1, 2013
SanatoriumHalloweenBadge4Sanatorium - Scarecrow's Quest 2013Complete the scarecrow's quest in Sanatorium Halloween Edition! (Oct. 1-31 2013)October 1, 2013
SoloSurvivorSanatoriumBadgeSanatorium - Solo SurvivorEscape the Sanatorium safely in Single Player!November 1, 2013
SanatoriumChristmasWelcomeBadgeSanatorium - Christmas 2013Play the game during the Christmas event (Dec. 1-31 2013)December 1, 2013
SanatoriumChristmasUltimatePrizeSanatorium - Ultimate Prize 2013Come on all 25 days of Christmas to unlock the ultimate prize! (2013)December 1, 2013


In the Halloween edition, three potions were usable.

Speed PotionEdit

The Speed Potion is the green bottle which affected the speed of a player. Once used, players could walk faster for 15 seconds before it wears off. This is known to be one of the least used potion.

Teleport PotionEdit

The Teleport Potion is the blue bottle which once used teleports a player to a random page, whether it be collected or not. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. The Teleport Potion can also be given as a reward for finishing the Mummy's Quest.

Mystery PotionEdit

The Mystery Potion is the purple bottle which once used gives players better sight for merely 10 seconds. Once used, the player's sight turns green and gives up more light which in the end, causes better sight and more distance can be seen.


During the Halloween edition, players can complete three quests and earn rewards.

Mummy's QuestEdit

The Mummy's Quest is the first quest a player can see. The Mummy's Quest is seen at the spawn. In order to complete this quest, the player has to find the two friends which have gone missing. Once completed, the player earns 5 Teleport Potions.

Scarecrow's QuestEdit

The Scarecrow's Quest is a quest players could complete during the Halloween edition. Players will have to find the hay in the cornfield which have been carefully hidden. Once completed, the player earns 5 Mystery Potions.

Witch's Brew QuestEdit

The Witch's Brew Quest is a quest players could complete during the Halloween edition. Players will have to find the three ingredients (eyeball, spider and the bat) and return it to the Witch's Brew place. Once completed, the player earns 5 Speed Potions.


The Spectate tool is a tool which was released on November 1, 2013. It allows players to spectate other people in both Single player and Multiplayer. Not much information is known about it at the moment.

There are currently 5 different upgrades in the game, Sanatorium.

NameDescriptionPoints req.
Walking Speed - 6Increases your walking speed50
Health Increase - 100Increases your health against Slender100
Flashlight PowerIncreases the power of your flashlight150
Overall Pages +10Adds 10 Pages to your overall pages!200
Slender SensorAlerts you when you get close to Slender250

Daily UPEdit

The Daily Upgrade Points are a special feature first introduced in the November 1, update. Players will earn an amount of Upgrade Points, it will depend on how much points a player receive by the level they are in, when they come back everyday.

Christmas 2013 UpdateEdit

The Christmas 2013 Update was available from December 1, 2013 and ended on December 31, 2013. Players received an item each day in the Christmas calender or the "Advent Calender". These were added in the player's inventory.

Along with the new update, there are two new badges only for the Christmas event.






  1. List of Staff members

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