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Speed Run 4 is a game created by Vurse with over 77 million visits and is the fourth game in the Speed Run series. The game is similar to other speed runs where the goal is to complete levels in the fastest time possible and you collect cards throughout the levels. The game also contains parkour-style flips whenever you jump which makes jumping to platforms a bit easier than the previous games. In 2018, Vurse updated the game and added gems, stars, level selection, trails, and many more items. The cards were replaced with stars, as the cards were removed. All the levels are updated and the higher the level, the higher the difficulty. In each level, it now records the player's time. As of 2018, it has over 290 million visits.

Levels that are not in Speed Run 4 anymore-

Level 30- Removed in June, it was a space level, it had meteors, and jump-on planets. It was removed because of the way the platforms were, if you were to jump on one, it would sometimes be impossible to jump onto it, because of the way the terrain on it was. If you get an Uncopylocked version of the game, you will be able to see the level 30