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dragonninja587's Place Survive the Disasters 1 (SurvivorMan4402) lolajfry's Place
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Survive the Disasters 1 is a game by SurvivorMan4402.


This disaster game was open in 2013 with only a few disasters. Then it was closed in late February 2014 because the test place for the game was open. It was mainly because of a major update upcoming, with 12 new disasters, but never a map, because map update for the major update was canceled. More information will be given soon.


There are currently 9 disasters in the game.

  1. Epic Duck
  2. Bats
  3. Giant Elmo
  4. Rising Lava
  5. Tornado
  6. Noobs
  7. Nuke

And 2 more.


There are currently no maps in display.


  • Max players - 20
dragonninja587's Place Survive the Disasters 1 (SurvivorMan4402) lolajfry's Place

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