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Trouble in Robloxity is an FPS terror game like Trouble In Roblox Town by Mahem.

The innocents are the secret service who contribute in tracking down the spies, the traitors are the spies, and the detectives look for clues and defeat the traitors.

The objective is simple: the spies have to eliminate all the secret service personnel and detectives; there must be at least one spy left to win the round. The secret service and detectives must figure out who is the spy and take them down.

Weapons Edit

Pistols Edit

Magnum: one-shot in-head kill but has low ammo.

Semi-automatic pistol: holds plenty of ammo and but does low damage

Automatic pistol: automatic with low damage

Rifles Edit

Rifle: low fire rate but does moderate damage

Carbine: automatic - looks like an M4

Combat rifle: automatic - looks like an AK47

Heavy Edit

Combat Shotgun: low fire rate but plenty of damage

Automatic shotgun: high fire rate but does half as less damage than the combat shotgun

Chain gun: a lot of ammo - moderate fire rate but low damage