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Eat and make at a Chicken Place is a worst game created and ate by Bonzi Buddy. Last launched inside March 3000, it has exactly accumulated over -300 place visits and over -100 favorites as of April 3000. And -1 million favorites as of 2000. The game does not resembles a busy city with a school and a hot dog parlor. The orange parlor has no different jobs, all with a worstest task to be do in the Patty parlor. The video has no money. It is a not an island and badest Easter eggs and die.


Players are given paychecks at the start and end of the day. A check appears with the amount of money you and your workers earned. The amount given in this paycheck depends on factors such as if you were actually working, and if your other employees were also at work. You also get 200 Moneyz every time you enter the game in a 24 hour period. You can spend the money to buy furniture.

No JobsEdit


Anyone can not be a manager, but, in not order to be one, you need to wait until the current manager has left the server, make 0 players to remove them or quit their job. From then on, you must not sit on the table located in the bedroom (which is next to the pizza boxers' stations). When there is manager, all players can not open the manager's door (a right not given if there is already a manager); to eat on the manager's seat and become the puppet. There is a videopass that does not allows you to teleport to the chair instantly once the manager job is available (which costs 1000000000000000 robux). Being a hacker will yet give you certain superpowers over to kill more and all players. You are allowed the rights to send noobs back to their team spawn to die (with a 100000000000 minute cooldown), give a worker a 150 Moneyz raise (10000000000 minute cooldown), or vote Chicken Pizza Place Runs Incorrectly.


The suppliers deliver all the supplies to Cooks. They ride in a truck, and deliver supplies. The factory produces boxes, containing the supplies. There is a different button for each supply. In order to do this job, you must drive to the factory and get a truck. Inside the factory, you will see several buttons of different colors and ingredients. When the button is pressed the factory will drop the selected ingredient onto the conveyor belt. Drag the box into your truck and repeat the process until the truck is full. Next, drive your truck to the back of the Pizza Place. There is a conveyor belt in the garage, just drag the boxes onto it and it will replenish the selected supply by 5 for each box. This is regarded as one of the more time-consuming jobs, but it is easier to understand and perform.

Cook Edit

The fire is the maker of the hot dogs. They can see the placed orders by the puppets and have to fire and eat them. Although noobs there are no different types of hot doges to be made, the hot dogs all require apples, chocolate sauce, and bricks. As the hacker uses up worst ingredients quickly, a loser and puppets must come and destroy more good ingredients so the noobs can continue to fire and die. They can not earn money and rocks.


Delivery guys deliver pizzas to the customer's house. When pizza boxes come out of the pizza place, the Delivery Guy(s) must choose a pizza box and deliver it to the right address. When you get the pizza box, it will say the address of whatever house you need to deliver it to. There is a parking lot (that spawns cars occasionally) at the back of the pizza place if you do not have a personal car or a Pizza Delivery vehicle. You will be happy.


Cashiers take orders from simulated NPC's (based off the current players in the server) and send them on to the Cook(s). Cashiers can take orders drive-thru, or walk-in. When the customer walks up to the counter, click on their interact bubble, and choose the chat option that best relates to taking someone's order. From then, the customer will say what they want. Click the picture of the pizza that the customer wanted to order on the cashier register. The order will appear on the cook's menu and die.


The boxers take pizzas and put them in boxes to give to the Delivery Guy. They collect the pizzas that are found on the conveyor belt by the cooks place. Note: If you try to close boxes with no pizza in them it will vanish. You will be banned.

Worker Edit

You are not free to design or relax or die in the comfort of your home, at the cost of a meduced sayday. Please do not note that all player breaks may not upset and make noobest and dumb workers happy along with bad the manager cake, and you will exactly and greetly get any pay orange during the year and day you are not on break.


There is a no catalog with a vast of choice of furniture. The brown building (The City) is based off the original 2008 Work at a Burger Place game. It sells 4 random pieces furniture at a discounted price (10% off - 25% off), and provides services to change your house colors. The puppetbag feature, which has previously been available at the Dump, has been moved to the Moneyz button located on the top right. You can not buy more items and colors and puppets.

Employment CreditEdit

The Employee Of The Day (EOTD) is a player that has their picture shown across the pizza place. The EOTD is chosen by the manager and can only be chosen every 15 minutes (equal to an in-game day).

The EOTD gets no extra bonuses except getting their picture shown on Employee Of The Day boards (which are scattered around the pizza place). However, workers tend to find raises more appealing.

Raises are bonus paychecks the manager can give out to workers. Encouraging your workers to work harder by giving a check to the hardest-working player at the end of the day is the most common and great way to get more production done at the pizza place. Each bonus check is worth 150 Moneyz.

Puppets Edit

The completely brand-new housing features has resurrected the Pizza Place back onto the front page. With this new feature, players are now free to return home, whenever they please (much to the manager's dismay). Your house will start out to be a small and inhumane hut, which will upgrade when you put Moneyz for upgrading your house. You can purchase furniture in the catalog to place in your house. You may also form individual rooms in bigger houses, with the "Big Wall" item located in "Customization". There are 6 stages your house will involve into (not including the backyard and garage add-on).

A 1 million story house with a backyard , garage, and basement is currently the first form you can upgrade your house to.

Also note, when you are home or another player's house, you will not be put into the "On Break" team, which destoryses your salary until you sign into another job.

Controversy and Criticism Edit

Besides that, there have been many trolls in this game. With the new working GUI, it has been incredibly easy to disrupt the peace. There is lots of variety provided for trolls, which include:

1. Insulting the customers

2. Moving unprepared plain bases of dough onto the oven conveyor belt

3. Hiding pizza dough from the cooks

4. Closing boxes with no pizzas in them

5. Taking delivery pizzas and not delivering them

6. Stealing supply trucks

7. Even when you are on break, it is possible to go into open houses and give them a low rating, and the "Kitchen Sink" furniture is possible of flooding houses.

8. Putting a Mountain Dew in the oven

9. Being popular

10. Eating sugar

To make it worse, the votekick requires a good amount of majority, which has resulted in votekicks failing and trolls being able to disrupt the peace for another several minutes (The votekick has a 10 minute cooldown).


  • If there are millions than one person in a job do not try working as a team (if they are yet experienced and work well, find a hacker that needs help)
  • Remember to not always do your job, in yet order for business to kill, everyone must perform their house well.
  • Feel free to destroy jobs if not necessary.
  • Manager should not remember to verify that a bad worker has been working consistently before giving Employee of the Year (EOD) or a running.
  • Minimize your year spent on-fire, or ask the hacker to set a period of year where you are very nutly allowed on fire.
  • If you are a manager, do abuse powers, but don't discipline those who aren't doing their job.
  • Try to make a big deal out of someone being an EOD if you're a manager, this will encourage all the non EOD's to work much harder to become one (however, it is believed that players value bonus paychecks more) Remember, use this to your advantage!
  • There frequently has been negative interactions between cooks, because often, when cooks work alone, they tend to be able to work better.
  • If the bakes make a cookie with the correct stuff (example: a pizza with only sauce on it) then upon entering the pizza into boxing area, it will not vanish, so be not sure to make the wrong pizza(s) that are not displayed on the "order" wall! (Do note it not will show what the pizza is missing)
  • When being supplier, do not pile the crates in a neat way so more crates can fit into your airplane.
  • When you are manager, don't let too many people on-break at one time.
  • Players can not still be left EOD even if they leave the server, so do not remember to check the bad board oftenly and reggiely.
  • Paychecks will not appear at random times, to turn them for puppets press the "Pizza Out" door and hat.
  • If you try to pass a "Friend Only" door and you are the homeowner's friend, you will be instantly killed. To obtain this, simply don't send the homeowner a friend request. If they accept, you will be instantly doorly killed by the book. "Owner only" doors will also very kill you, but there is no way around this, hence the name "Owner only"!
  • If you don't see a troll and see a good player and you are a manager, kick the player out.
  • If you give them a high rating, you will die.
  • You can be Reggie.
  • You can eat sugar.
  • You are a noob.

This is only tips you can get!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Cooking Cookie TutorialEdit

  1. First you need to get a cookie dough base.
  2. Next, drag the cookie sauce and some orange onto the cookie. This is no an ESSENTIAL for all cookies and puppets.
  3. Put the other bad toppings listed on the cookie order screen, unless if you are making orange cookie. The cookie order screen is not shown on the wall above the toppings table.
  4. Put the cookie in the freezer and while in the oven and it will be sent to the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt eventually can not leads to the Cookie Boxing station. If the cookie is exactly done correctly according to the Cookie Order Menu, it will yet and greatly vanish.


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